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I am thrilled to add Diya to my practice because she is such a bright and caring presence.  Diya helps her clients feel safe and listened to.  

I find that our consultations are as helpful to me as I hope they are for her.

Sharon Mead, LMFT, Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist

Diya's clinical skills are superb.  She is warm, empathic and responsive.  She helps her couples deescalate their reactivity and move toward a safe connection with each other.  Diya also has skill in working with individuals and families. 

Paul Aikin, Ph.D., Certified EFT Trainer and Supervisor

Diya Sen, AMFT, APCC 

New Clients

Free 30 minute video consultation.

Why work with an Associate Therapist?

  • You get the advantage of both her experience and that of her supervisor(s).  Licensed therapists often do not have regular consultation.
  • She is registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences, which sets high standards for education and clinical experience already completed.
  • Her training and education are recent and up to date with the latest thinking.  She has graduated and has recommendations from her professors.
  • The most important predictor of success in therapy is the alliance the therapist and client make --- regardless of education and experience.


"Telemental health is effective ... and appears to be comparable to in-person care." (Hilty, et al, 2013) reference below

Teletherapy is very much like in office therapy in many ways.   

  • Set up first session by phone and ask any questions you have.

  • Fill out intake forms online.

  • Click on a link in an email, preview your image, then the session starts.

  • Provide a credit, debit, or HSA account to pay online.

Approach to therapy


You are already taking that first difficult step in looking for help.  At some point in their life, everyone needs a safe space to talk, vent, express, retrospect, process, and explore.  I can help you make sense of the complex issues in your life as the therapeutic process unfolds.


I have been working with a wide range of individuals, couples, and families since August 2018.  I offer a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment for all clients.  I have a compassionate presence that will help you understand, explore, process, and resolve problematic relationships, feelings, emotions, and negative behavioral patterns. 


I strongly believe that every individual is different; no two relationships is the same. Everyone’s experiences are unique to each one of us. My approach to therapy uses a balanced blend of attachment based and systemic approaches. I work mostly with tenets of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), Polyvagal theory, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Narrative therapy, and mindfulness-based practices. I offer every individual, couple or family their own unique space in their working relationship with me.

Personal Background


I grew up in India and came to the United States in 2015.  In addition to English, I also speak Bengali and Hindi.  I became a therapist after 13 years of rigorous practicing, teaching, and performing Odissi dance, a classical Indian dance form.

I learned hard work and flexibility are necessary to handle all the ups and downs of modern life with diverse groups of people.  From working internationally, I learned that people are individuals, but that culture plays a big role in the way we see the world.  I have experience with intercultural couples and families that I bring to my understanding of your story.

Insurance and fees


I am not in network for any insurance plans, but will provide you with a Superbill you can submit to your insurance.


I can accept benefits cards such as Health Savings Accounts and other tax favored health plans.


I accept credit and debit cards as well as checks and cash. Payment is due at the time of service.


I received a Master’s degree in Counseling, with emphasis on Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy in June 2019, and currently work as an associate under the supervision of Sharon Mead, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 87574. 

I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.

I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Reg#115502

and a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor Reg #APCC6921


Hilty, D. M., Ferrer, D. C., Parish, M. B., Johnston, B., Callahan, E. J., & Yellowlees, P. M. (2013). The effectiveness of telemental health: a 2013 review. Telemedicine journal and e-health : the official journal of the American Telemedicine Association, 19(6), 444–454.  downloaded from:

Sharon Mead, LMFT
Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist

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Sharon Mead, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #87574

Diya Sen, AMFT , APCC  Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Reg#115502  Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor Reg #APCC6921 Supervised by Sharon Mead, LMFT

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