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Sharon Mead, LMFT

Ready to Tango?

Consultation group

Where:  on-line

When:  2nd Friday of month 9AM to 11AM PT

February 9

March 8

April 12

May 10

June 14

July 12

All in 2024


Fee: $210 for the 6 sessions ($35/per session)

You’ve seen the slides,
you’ve watched the videos,
you’ve done the role plays. . .
Now a real-life couple is in front of you.
What were you supposed to do?

. . .Something about a dance?

It takes a while to feel really comfortable doing EFT.  The best way is to keep in touch with people who are on the same learning path.  I am offering a 6 session monthly consultation group for recent participants in an EFT Externship.  It will be low-key, low-cost and supportive for new learners.  

  • check in

    • share your triumphs and travails

    • ask questions 

    • hear what others are struggling with. 

  • Learn about

    • getting started with couples

    • recording and reviewing your sessions

    • dealing with escalation in session

    • use of self and staying out of their cycle

    • what to do when you don't know what to do

  • Useful forms and handouts will be shared.

Group Leader:  Sharon Mead has been using EFT since getting licensed.  Her practice is almost entirely couples.  She has been continuing her EFT education with a variety of leading EFT trainers.  In 2018, she published a video called "Taming the Cycle: Finding and changing the patterns that keep you stuck in your relationship" on Youtube.  It has over 91,000 views.  This video is intended to help clients understand the basic elements of couple distress in a lighthearted way.  She has made it available for all EFT therapists to use with their clients.  She is now working on certification as an EFT Supervisor.

EFT Supervision

I also offer individual supervision.  I am a supervisor candidate with 9 years experience seeing couples clients with EFT.  I specialize in helping therapists turn their training into full Emotionally Focused Therapy practice and building a community of other EFT therapists around them.  I am currently training in Deliberate Practice Supervision (DP) which is a method of helping the learner  convert their theoretical learning to experiential learning.  DP helps you access the interventions you've seen demonstrated and use them in a real therapy setting. 

See for more information about DP.

For more information please drop a message on my contact me page.
Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist,
and Supervisor Candidate

Cultivating Healthy Relationships
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